About Us

Critical Care International's vision is to focus the expertise, skills and governance of the world's most advanced healthcare systems onto environments where geography, infrastructure or risk amplify their life-saving impact.

Medical Excellence

Critical Care International was founded in 2016 by medical experts with decades of international experience working in development, the military, civilian healthcare and commercial organisations throughout the world, in response to a demand for improved standards of healthcare for organisations and communities working in remote environments. We specialise in medical consultancy, training and in-situ medical provision for remote locations across the globe. Our team ensure that the Critical Care International services are of a medical quality that is unparalleled in the remote healthcare sector.

Our experienced deployed clinicians and consultants are supported 24/7 by experts in critical care, general medicine, cardiology, infectious disease, paediatrics, orthopaedics, trauma surgery, development, humanitarian medicine, and security. Critical Care International brings the strategic and clinical sophistication of the hospital to individuals in their time of greatest need, anywhere in the world.

Humanitarian Ethos

In addition to striving for the highest standards of healthcare, central to Critical Care International’s values is our ability to help clients meet their corporate social responsibility obligations through the delivery of community projects focusing on sustainable medical development. We have an established track record of working with client teams to deliver methodologically robust, low-cost, high-impact programmes in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These bespoke projects are undertaken in close collaboration with local national healthcare systems and consistent with international evidence-based best practice. 

Critical Care International is founded on a philosophy of delivering remote healthcare to the highest medical and ethical standards for organisations and individuals operating in the world’s most challenging environments. Our professional ethos is one of an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. 

Global Expertise

Critical Care International personnel have worked in clinical, advisory and leadership roles across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Middle East. Extensive experience, ranging from direct patient care in remote locations, through air ambulance evacuation, acute hospital care, disaster management and national healthcare leadership roles, provides Critical Care International with a strategic expertise ranging from the clinical care of individual patients to the design of national healthcare infrastructure.

Critical Care International has broad sector experience in working with the extractive industry, development organisations, UN, national and local healthcare systems, research institutions and the military. Our global, multi-sector and multi-disciplinary experience allows a bespoke approach to healthcare strategy and delivery that can be tailored to the specific needs of the client organisation and environment.