As governments around the world continue to grapple with the pandemic, Critical Care International is working with organisations operating throughout the globe to help them stay one step ahead of the virus. Our team of experts in Critical Care and Infectious Disease has extensive experience in times of crisis, and has been advising companies on how best to manage the strategic and operational risks to their businesses from COVID-19.

How we can help

We understand the unique challenges posed by COVID-19. Our medical teams can provide you with an initial consultation to understand your requirements and will subsequently be with you every step of the way, as you address these challenges.

This support may include:

Corporate guidance
  • A review of current policies, plans and procedures benchmarked against best industry practice and international guidelines.
  • Up-to-date assessment of the epidemiology of the virus and how it relates specifically to your company.
  • Strategic guidance with clear practical recommendations to reduce likelihood and impact of infection on your workforce and on business continuity – e.g. screening and surveillance, infection prevention and control, case management, isolation and quarantining, medical evacuation response planning and return to work protocols.
  • A program of briefings, presentations and updates for executive and crisis management teams.
  • Additional considerations tailored to specific requirements such as community healthcare may also be included depending on your needs.

Operational support

  • Advising, staffing and training by international and local national physicians with topside governance provided by our expert panel.
  • Community healthcare support including education and training in prevention and management of COVID-19 in support of corporate strategy.