Executive Assistance

CCI was approached by a company who required urgent assistance for an unwell senior executive. Despite being remote to the patient, CCI were able to provide sophisticated medical decision-making guidance and advise on the quality of local national medical facilities. This discrete guidance facilitated safe and appropriate care in a sensitive and high risk situation. 

The CCI expert advisory panel provides medical support for individuals or organisations seeking 24/7 access to expert medical advice when overseas. When individuals become unwell in unfamiliar healthcare systems it is frequently extremely challenging for them to access reliable opinion and to navigate local medical care and services. CCI provides 24/7 assistance for those in need of emergency medical advice, medical advocacy and assurance that local care received accords with international best practice. 


As governments around the world continue to grapple with the pandemic, Critical Care International is working with organisations operating throughout the world to help them stay one step ahead of the virus.