Major incident response

A leading UK mining company with an employee population of 1200 personnel in a remote location requested support in designing a robust Major Incident plan for its local and expatriate personnel.  Critical Care International conducted several phases of assessment: a site-specific consideration of potential mass casualty causation scenarios including terrorism, industrial accident and natural disasters; a review of local and regional national medical facilities; and resource analysis to determine appropriate evacuation pathways and casualty distribution.  Working closely with the client Emergency Response Team and senior management, CCI introduced a site-specific, systematic plan and training programme for the medical management of major incidents at this location. 

Organisations undertaking activity in remote locations understand the human, legal and reputational risks of catastrophic events that will overwhelm their conventional emergency response plans. CCI has the strategic and practical major incident expertise to develop site-specific plans to mitigate impact and optimize safety in mass casualty events.


As governments around the world continue to grapple with the pandemic, Critical Care International is working with organisations operating throughout the world to help them stay one step ahead of the virus.