24/7 Global Medical Assistance Service

The Critical Care International expert advisory panel is comprised of international experts in remote-area medicine - with specialisms in intensive care, anaesthesia, respiratory, cardiology, infectious diseases, paediatrics, trauma and general surgery, orthopaedics and security - who provide 24/7 advice to deployed clinicians and clients.

100% of calls are answered directly by senior doctors reducing unnecessary delays to accessing support at the time of greatest need.

Our service is available to:

  • Clinicians at remote sites
  • Adventure travel / Expeditions
  • Corporate travel
  • Insurance providers

Utilisation of our service:

  • Immediate access to expert advice in an emergency
  • Reduces the need for medical evacuation
  • Enhances retention of on-site staff through the easy access to helpful, non-judgmental and educational support at the click of a button
  • Facilitates a culture of learning and improvement – key to safety in high-risk environments