CCI Ethos

Critical Care International (CCI) focusses the expertise and governance of the world’s most advanced healthcare systems onto environments where their impact is greatest.


Medical Excellence

CCI was founded by doctors with decades of international experience working in global health, civilian healthcare, the military, and commercial organisations, in response to a demand for improved standards of healthcare for companies and their communities operating in remote and resource poor environments.

CCI has a track-record of providing gold-standard care, in accordance with international best practice, irrespective of the environment in which we find ourselves.

Humanitarian Ethos & Social Responsibility

Sustainability is central to CCI’s offering, in particular our capacity to help organisations champion their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) agenda through the planning, delivery and reporting of community healthcare projects in and around their operational sites. ​

We work with our clients to deliver a long-lasting positive legacy in local communities, building a programme of sustainable healthcare interventions to ensure enduring improvements in the health of the region, improving social licence to operate without encouraging dependency.

Global Expertise

CCI personnel have worked in clinical, advisory and senior leadership roles across Europe, Africa, Australasia, the Americas and Middle East. ​

Our experience, both on site with our clients, as well as our corporate advisory service, provides CCI with a strategic expertise ranging from the clinical care of individual patients to the design of national healthcare infrastructure.

CCI World Map Location Chart