Emergency Preparedness Planning

Critical Care International (CCI) has over ten years’ experience of providing rigorous evaluation of organisations’ healthcare provision benchmarked against international and industry standards.

CCI has wide-ranging expertise – including medical, emergency response and coordination, fire safety, rescue, retrieval & extraction, aeronautical and high-altitude – enabling us to provide comprehensive reviews of any site’s emergency preparedness. Our relentless focus is on identifying areas for improvements that enhance safety.

Our reviews:

  • Provide an independent, unbiased assessment of occupational health, primary care and emergency healthcare provision indexed against professional standards (e.g. ISO 45001), clinical standards (e.g. ACLS/PHTLS), and industry best practice (e.g. Institute of Remote Health Care)
  • Identify areas of outstanding practice that can be transferred to other sites
  • Identify pragmatic and prioritised recommendations to mitigate risks identified
  • Can form the basis of programmes to develop group-wide health standards across an organisation’s multiple assets that enhance safety and bring about cost efficiencies