Medical Staffing for Remote Sites

Critical Care International delivers high quality healthcare in the world’s most challenging environments.

Our clinical staff are highly trained with a depth of specialty and remote medicine experience and are supported 24/7 at the click of a button by a panel of critical care and emergency medicine experts. Critical Care International’s on-site teams:

  • Provide safe, high-quality, patient-centred primary and emergency care
  • Offer occupational health services and programs tailored to local HSE standards and in-country legislation
  • Utilise robust case management processes to minimise the need for medical evacuations except where absolutely medically necessary
  • Manage and stabilize patients in medical emergencies prior medical evacuation offsite when needed.
  • Integrate with existing project HSE structures with regular activity, manage work-related injuries and case reporting.
  • Act as advocates and positive role-models for health and wellbeing among the workforce where they live and work

We provide a modular approach tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client and project. Services include:

  • Site and Country medical review and technical reporting for green fields projects in their very initial stages
  • Medical staffing for exploration sites prior to clinic build
  • Healthcare / clinic design and commissioning
  • Medical Staffing and delivery of primary care, medical emergency stabilisation and evacuation offsite, occupational health services as well as prevention, management and treatment of chronic and infectious diseases
  • Malaria Services (Awareness and prevention, Malaria control programs)
  • Design and Development of site Medical Emergency Response Plan and Evacuation System
  • Primary and secondary medical evacuation from remote sites
  • Healthcare surveillance through hygiene inspections
  • Infectious diseases prevention campaigns among the workforce
  • Training for Emergency Response Teams and local healthcare workers
  • Health promotion activities e.g. psychological safety and wellbeing, or chronic non-communicable disease surveillance