Medical and Emergency Response Training

Critical Care International provides medical training with instructors from a range of civilian and military backgrounds. Our courses are designed for both medical and non-medical personnel and include:
  • Advanced trauma and critical care management – designed for experienced doctors, paramedics and nurses to refine skills in casualty stabilisation, resuscitation and advanced intervention
  • Remote site clinician training – including expatriate and local doctors, nurses, and paramedics
  • Emergency skills for non-medical teams working in high-risk locations e.g. Emergency response Teams
  • Community healthcare development training – focussed on local healthcare workers and client teams engaged in designing and implementing community healthcare projects
  • First aid and occupational health training

CCI’s bespoke training courses:

  • Consist of hands-on practical skills training and in-situ simulation rather than hours of classroom-based lectures
  • Provide life-saving skills for non-medical and medical members of staff working in remote environments

Foster collaboration and relationships between different departments e.g. Clinic and Emergency Response Teams