Medical Evacuation

When critical illness or injury affects strikes in a remote environment, the speed and quality of emergency response are key factors to mitigate serious outcomes or fatalities.

After casualty stabilization on-site, prompt evacuation to an appropriate centre of medical excellence capable of providing definitive care is required.

Drawing on decades of experience in designing and delivering emergency medical systems for national healthcare services, the military and commercial organisations throughout the world, Critical Care International is an ideal partner in times of need. Our team takes a holistic and bespoke approach to each client site. CCI has audited, visited and developed a network of medical facilities which informs the best evacuation plan for each specific project and location to ensure that a critical patient is evacuated to the right hospital via the most appropriate vector (ground, fixed wing or rotary wing) for definitive treatment.

We work with air ambulance and medevac providers globally whom we select on the quality of the clinical and operational support that they provide, strict adherence to international best practice, and industry-leading response times.