Case Study

Childhood Malnutrition

Child Malnutrition

Malnutrition remains a high priority issue across sub-Saharan Africa. Critical Care International worked with a client community development team to design a project to address child malnutrition in the local communities.  Together we assessed over 1100 children in the surrounding villages and diagnosed 159 cases of global acute malnutrition. Several of the villages closest to the client mine site were categorised as suffering from the highest WHO malnutrition category of ‘Critical’.  This project was conducted in close collaboration with local healthcare workers, village chiefs, regional medical leads and the UNICEF Mali team. Children with severe acute malnutrition were given a comprehensive treatment plan. All cases of malnutrition were followed up and monitored on a weekly basis until they met recovery criteria.   This simple and effective project was achieved at a cost of USD $6 for each child diagnosed and treated. 

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