Case Study

Clinic Staffing

Clinician, Africa

Our client, a leading global gold mining company, requested support with the staffing and operation of their existing site clinic, one of the largest in the country. Our operations manager conducted a healthcare review which was presented to the client and we deployed a team of international and local doctors and nurses to run the facility which provided primary and emergency healthcare service to an onsite workforce of over 1600. Clinical governance was provided by the expert panel. 

Key improvements included a reconfiguration of existing project medical infrastructure, equipment and staffing to increase efficiency, safety and standards of care.  The team delivered a first aid training package for the both emergency response and security teams as well as wider workforce that improved each phase of medical emergency response. They implemented a healthcare surveillance programme that included case isolation procedures and post-incident sterilisation, to limit the impact of potential infectious disease outbreaks. They also delivered a training and mentoring package for a local community clinic to improve standards of health in the local population.

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