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Remote Clinic Support

Remote Clinic Support

The CCI 24/7 medical advisory service provides daily guidance on a range of medical emergencies. Common emergency calls include road traffic collisions, severe malaria and snakebite where early high quality care can make the difference between life and death.

All CCI Remote Clinics benefit from 24/7 immediate access to specialists in Critical Care who can provide high level guidance for emergency diagnostics, management, decision-making and evacuation. The CCI 24/7 expert medical response brings the expertise of the world’s most advanced healthcare systems to bear on patients in some of the world’s most remote locations. 

The sophistication of CCI medical advice confers both safety and financial benefits to client organisations: enhanced safety for personnel operating in remote environments and the avoidance of precautionary evacuations in cases where early access to high level medical expertise can deliver safe diagnostic reassurance.

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